May 29, 2014

Earlier this year, when I learned that one of Nick Woolridge's head sculptures was up for auction at the BMCAA silent auction, I just had to have it. This week, Nick held an informal workshop on using Super Sculpey, and I was determined to sculpt a head. After an intense afternoon, I think everyone's pieces look amazing!

Everyone at BMC tried their hand at sculping something, and I think that the results are fantastic! I am so impressed. In this collection, from left to right: Jean Lin, Brendan Polley, Andrea Gauthier, Joshua Lai, Megan Kirkland, Man-San Ma, Erin Kenzie, Nick Woolridge, and Karyn Ho.

I had the most fun I have had trying a new medium in a long time. First, we started by making a wire stand for our sculptures, which just has a small vertical loop at the top to hold a ball of foil, connected to a bigger horizontal loop at the bottom as a base. The foil acts as a filler for the inside so that the clay layer doesn't get too thick to cure. Another great tip from Nick is to make hollows for the eyes about halfway down the head, and then fill them with small balls of clay and blend in the edges. Then, using a broad flat tool, trace in the eye opening, and then push up the upper eyelid to form the eye.

Nick explains the general form and proportions of the head, including that the head is about 5 eyes wide.
A bit of my process work, from a wire and aluminum foil armature, to a head-shaped ball of clay, and then adding in the details of the face.
A selection of carving and dental tools that I used on my head sculpture.

I baked my sculpture today and am already shopping for more clay and my own set of tools. I can see how this gets addictive.

My sculpture in profile.
A three-quarter view of my sculpture, just before I baked it.
So, that head sculpture from the silent auction I mentioned earlier? I traded him for another of Nick's sculptures, and I think he looks like Patrick Stewart. Here is my cured sculpture hanging out with her new friend.